Our Engagement

New School Buildings and Fresh Water Wells for the Community

New fresh water wells for Itimba and Muvwa

For 2017 the three Songwa Estates partners decided to enlargen their commitment to support the local community within the vicinity of the coffee plantation in Mbeya, Tanzania.
A percentage of each machine sold was collected and invested into a water well project.
It was agreed on establishing four boreholes. These were supposed to be as close to villages as possible, to facilitate short access for the majority of people.

The first three attempts to reach groundwater failed, due to different reasons. One of them being that the accessible water was to deep for a hand-operated pump. That is why it was decided to move closer to the mountain range, as there is a higher probability to find fractured rocks. Drillings between 50 - 60 meters depth were made, the water was checked and confirmed to be suitable for human consumtion.

The two boreholes were then provided with a hand pump, the shelters were built and the area was prepared with concrete slaps.

Approximately two to three thousand people have now access to clean drinking water within reasonable walking distance.


Hands for Songwa

Thinking internationally -
operating regionally

Supporting projects in the region around the Songwa Estates plantation is the driving force behind "Hands for Songwa".

For that, the partners decided to donate a fixed amount for every machine that is sold.

Main goal is to improve the quality of life of the people in the vicinity of the coffee farm.


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Social Projects

SONGWA School Renovation Project

"With our social commitment we can give back something to the local inhabitants near Songwa Estates"

Our aim is to support the local people directly on the spot.
Education is key and especially for us very important, because we learn from the African way of life and about coffee travelling to Tanzania. With our social commitment we can give back something to the local inhabitants near Songwa Estates. Songwa Estates GmbH supports one school, the Muvwa Primary School.

The objective is to obtain better and more hygienic conditions for pupils and teacher through a mayor renovation of the school building. The existing building has been renovated and one additional class room has been built. The renovations include repair or replacement of roofs and fixing of walls, doors and windows. As well proper cement floors have been casted and the black boards repaired or newly acquired. Ongoing projects are the purchase of new desks and books.

We are looking forward to continuing this exciting project and if you are interested in joining us, please contact us!