Songwa Farm

Best Conditions for High Quality Coffee

Tanzania was decided on as the appropriate place. According to experts, coffee from this country has a definite development potential.

While Ethiopia and Kenya are the countries that are usually named when talking about African coffees, the coffee from their neighbouring country has up to now been underrated. But Tanzania’s landscape offers excellent conditions.

The Great Rift Valley has been a cultivation area for Arabica coffee for a long time. Missionaries began cultivation on the slopes of the Rift Valley over a hundred years ago. Excellent climatic conditions with warm summers, fresh winters, seasonal rainfall and fertile volcanic soil offer the potential for the production of coffee with an exceptional quality.

Farm With Development Potential

This is where the Songwa Farm is situated, about 900 kilometers away of the capital city Dar es Salaam.
The three companies will be leasing the Farm which has a total size of 59 hectares. 25 hectares are presently being used for coffee cultivation whereby cultivation can be extended by a further 8 hectares. This will make it possible to follow coffee plant growth from the moment they are put into the soil.
The area is about 1450 meters above sea level and heralds Bourbon beans on plants that are up to 80 years old.